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Choosing the Right Shed for Your GardenWhilst you may not live in the shed, you will use it to store important tools and outdoor machinery. Perhaps you cannot initially see how a bit of rain can do much more than make a nuisance of itself, but if left you will soon realise the real devastation and havoc it can wreak on your garden tools if you do not protect them adequately from water damage. Investing wisely in your garden shed, whether you choose the shiplap style (the preferred and most weather resistant but not the cheapest) or the tongue and groove style (which has its own benefits, including the price, but is not as hardy and resilient as the aforementioned), is the best protection you can give your outdoor tools.

Why the shiplap cladding for your shed is the most sought after is down to the sheer beauty of the perfectly formed material. Each piece of wood has a fine groove within it and when the cladding is applied properly this helps the water to be funnelled away, ensuring none can burrow its way into the shed. The water does not get the chance to enter the shed and so everything that is stored inside is perfectly safe and protected. That is as long as you have a shed door that fits well!

There are many DIY'ers that bodge repairs on their sheds and shed doors rather than consider replacing them. This may work temporarily but really they are just inviting trouble because water, as you know, can find its way into every little nook and cranny and if you don't check the contents of your garden shed on a regular basis it can be a month or more before you realise that water has been seeping in through the door you thought you had fixed, totally destroying or rusting up the contents inside. This may not be a problem for inexpensive items, like a pair of garden shears, but for larger item, such as lawn mowers, it can be a costly mistake to make.

The best shed to invest in is one with shiplap cladding, but as this can be the most expensive option, you could choose the tongue and groove. This is a bit cheaper and it does an excellent job and can last a long time if you maintain it well.

Sheds do have to be maintained regularly to ensure they keep their water repellent nature. This should not be looked on as a chore, but as a work of love. Looking after your garden shed, whatever its design, will pay dividends, not only as a way of caring for your other tools and gardening equipment, but it will also add value to your house, which is very important when it is time to sell.


Reasons Why Going Organic Will Be The Best Choice For YouMany people like to create and maintain beautiful backyards and curated garden in their homes. Whether you hire a professional gardener to work on the space or actually believe in getting your hands in the soil - you must be aware of the concept of organic gardening.

This format has gained widespread popularity across the world with the many advantages that it offers. The concept of not using any form of chemical assisted techniques in your gardening venture and relying on all-natural resources can be considered as a revolution, both in the world of professional landscaping as well as environment protection.

It doesn't use any pesticides, insecticides, non-organic fertilisers (either nitrogen or phosphorous based), slug and snail pellets, weed killer, etc.

In case you are looking to follow a similar format with your own garden, here are a few tips that will get you convinced that organic fertiliser is your right choice.

• The use of non-organic fertilisers is associated with high levels of nitrogen and phosphorous in our waterways. And, consequently, with the rise of algal blooms. Using natural materials to enrich the soil in your garden can help make a difference with this problem.

• Conventional gardening techniques make use of many materials and supplements that have base origins in oil.

By opting to use organic fertilisers in your garden, you are simply reducing some of the dependence on the already overloaded and depleting oil deposits of the world.

• Cost considerations also dictate that chemical fertilisers can be a menace. Naturally manufactured materials are usually either free of cost or available at nominal amounts. Switching to organic methods will help you reduce some of the strain on your pocket as well.

• Gardens being tended using organic techniques use less water. This is because by using compost and mulch on it, you end up with a moister soil, and soils that are wetter require less water.

• Whether it is organic fertiliser or any other material required to maintain a garden, it will always be less harmful to the biodiversity in your area as compared to chemicals. You can rest peacefully at night that no plant, animal or insect was harmed as a result of your chemical use to boost and maintain your backyard.

• Organic methods have a lower carbon footprint than conventional ones. Not only does the soil hold on to more carbon, not using non-organic fertilisers reduces your energy consumption, and hence your carbon footprint. So, by gardening organically you are part of the solution to climate change.

• Using organic fertilisers and other similar materials will allow you to preserve nutrients of the soil in your garden, keeping it fertile and enriched for longer and replenishing any materials lost as a result of past chemical usage.


Growing A Vertical GardenWhen I started my vertical garden, it was a small affair, just a few herbs like basil, mint and Rosemary. Then I added cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers and burpless cucumbers and my garden has now expanded to plants on Shepard hooks and on hooks attached to the fences. Additionally, I started adding some decorations like stake type art, one of which has a solar light included!

The whole point of starting this type of garden was that my Shorkie, Brandy, is very destructive and I still wanted something pretty to look at besides the gray fence. So, my first thought was "why not plant something we can use"? Hence the herbs and veggies. That wasn't enough however, we were still looking at the ugly gray fence, so a few weeks later, we added the flowers and decorations. I still plan to add more to the fence when the temps start going down a bit. Hey, it's hot in Texas right now!

My inspiration was a beautiful pin I saw on Pinterest and not only were there plants all along the fence, the fence itself was painted like a flower garden! Very inspirational and so much talent needed I'm sure. The first challenge I faced when starting to put plants on the fence was how to hang them without the weight pulling on the fence. First I came up with over-the-door hooks to hang from the support board from the neighbors side. That ended up being where I hung other decorations like a tiny birdhouse and a pretty sun. You see, I would have had to find half baskets and I'm on a budget here.

Ultimately, we ended up getting strong decorative metal hooks that my husband was kind enough to install on the support posts of the fence. They proved quite strong and now I have a plant hanging from each one, three in all. There are other ways to hang more plants at one time, like a long box held by brackets or maybe even half baskets that would hang flush with the fence. Truth is, the weather got hot and I decided to wait to add more because I've created enough I have to water already!

We have managed to harvest a few cherry tomatoes and a sweet pepper plus I use the basil for many things. The mint comes in handy as well if you like to make infused waters for instance. Also, it's wonderful to have pretty flowers, lights and decorations to look at now all out of my puppy's reach!


Designing a Great GardenGardening is making a comeback. It has been a source of food for ages. One of the main advantages of having your own vegetable garden is being able to eat fresh vegetables right out of your own garden without going to the shop where much of the vegetables are shipped from hundreds of miles away. What is more, having your vegetable garden may also cut down on the cost people are spending at the grocery stores. If you really want to eat fresh vegetables in the spring and summer, you should thing about creating your own vegetable garden.

People who want to become less reliant on grocery stores, they should think about creating a larger vegetable garden. People also usually choose to freeze their vegetables for use later in the year. One more benefit of having your vegetable garden the added knowledge of knowing what is in your garden. By choosing against the use pesticides on your garden people can have an organic garden without the worry of additives. What is more, the taste of organic produce is much sweeter than store-bought produce. Today many people choose to sell their vegetables at a local farmer's market or vegetable stand.

Today there are a few very important things to consider when starting a vegetable garden, whether to start from plants or from seeds. Both of the options have negative and positive aspects. For example, purchasing plants can be more expensive but requires less patience and time. Planting your vegetable garden from seeds require more patience, time and is less expensive. Do not forget that it is very important to choose a right site for your vegetable garden in your back yard.

Once you have decided on an overall plan for landscaping the back yard, you may find the extra storage is needed. Having a garden cabin in the garden can be a beautiful accessory to add. It can give your garden a personality like nothing else. However, if you are not careful it can be very expensive. What is more, if you want your cabin to be very sturdy, durable, and easy to maintain, then it is best to go for the wood material like spruce, pine or cedar. Of course, cedar is much expensive than other wood materials like spruce or pine but it saves the money in the long run. Cedar is worth those extra dollars as cedar is durable enough to withstand several outside factors that cause wood to fall apart. Of course, cedar wood is a little pricier but this difference in cost shouldn't hinder you from choosing it as the main building material. The long-term benefits of cedar are unrivaled.

If you need a great place to store all your equipment, gardening tools or to have an ideal place to spend more time with your friends in your garden then having a garden cabin is a great decision. Everybody wants to have a place with a great atmosphere, amazing design, and high-quality furniture. Nowadays, garden cabins are very durable, warm, sturdy, cheap, and modern. You can also build it by yourself from a plan. You may have considered buying a garden cabin if you're looking for inexpensive vacation home or just need a cabin with the beautiful rustic design.

Garden cabins are usually used as the garden office, extra room or even garden relaxation area. They were originally built by Swedes during the 17th century intended as low-cost and easy to assemble permanent buildings. Of course, most of the people can do a lot of work without the garden cabin but it creates a special atmosphere in the yard and the demand for these buildings have increased dramatically these days. It doesn't matter how big your garden is, it really has to meet all your wants and needs.

Garden is a delight to your eyes, the mind and the senses. However, for the gardener there is nothing better than being able to have a sturdy and cozy place to plan all your gardening session. So, garden cabins are the best places that you can use for this reason.

You should know that all the gardens reach the point where they need a renovation and it is a huge work. Usually people want to rearrange their garden to be more beautiful and comfortable. If you think about the renovation of your garden, you should talk to your family members because it is a place for the whole family to spend their time together. Today a lot of people are turning to the gardening as a mean of relaxing and supplying themselves with fresh and healthy vegetables. If you want to have a cozy place to stay, to grow vegetables and supply your family with fresh and healthy vegetables, do not miss your chance to rearrange your garden.