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If you have multiple passions and ideas about what to study in college or a university, then it can make going back to school for your Master’s degree even more complicated. There is already so much to think about, from the class schedule and credits, to managing the cost and ensuring that the degree will actually help you get a job once you graduate. At Rutgers University, we have been perfecting our approach to student enrollment and job prep for many years. Now our RU online degree program is as robust as ever, and more and more students are choosing this non-traditional form of learning to advance their knowledge and career prospects.

Would it be a Passion Project?

When students are trying to decide on a major of primary course of study, they can be at a complete and utter loss. This is especially true if they have a wide range of interests and hobbies that they participate in on a regular basis. Let’s say that you are passionate about the social sciences, but you also adore foreign languages. It can be difficult to choose between the two and find a specific degree program that matches your personality and interests. In reality, you have a few options, and one of them is it combine your hobbies and passions into a dual degree. For instance, you could major in French and social work. Of course, this type of dual degree won’t be offered at every college, which is why you must do your research before enrolling in a particular school. You want to make sure that they offer the courses and programs you want!

Would it be Practical and Rewarding?

RU online is dedicated to helping students develop their interests and skills, all while preparing themselves for a successful life in a competitive job market. Rutgers University has expanded to include many different disciplines, as well as specializations within popular degree programs, such as the Master’s degree in social work. You may choose between studying behavioral patterns in children, or working on building relationships and sociability among the elderly. And those are just two of the examples for those who choose to study social work. The possibilities are virtually endless when you open up your mind and dare to dream about the job that would make you incredibly satisfied and fulfilled. Setting you up for career and life success is what we’re all about.

Is it Offered by Many Schools?

While you want to be sure to choose a major or degree program that will snag you a job once you graduate, you also want to be sure that it’s offered by the school of your choice. Again, this is yet another reason why so many people recommend or turn to RU online. It offers a variety of courses and classes, as well as the flexibility to learn from your very own home and on your specific schedule. Going back to school for a graduate degree is a huge deal, and we want to make the transition back to college as smooth as possible. Join our challenging and dedicated faculty, as well as other online students and gain the techniques and skills you will need to make it big in your chosen job field.